Portable X-ray Machine in Nigeria (Pre-owned) is designed for easy operation

Portable X-Ray Machine

Portable X-ray Machine in Nigeria (Pre-owned) is designed for easy operation as it’s available for sale rent or for sale at FF Trading Medical Devices. FF Trading located in Lagos Nigeria serves the African market across Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Benin, Accra, Johannesburg, Kigali and all sub Saharan Africa.

GE Healthcare’s AMX 4+ analog X-ray is a mobile and portable x-ray system that provides high performance in a compact, easy-to-maneuver package. Each time you push a button, you can depend on the same consistent radiographic quality that is seen in a full-scale X-ray.

The rotating arm and tube of this portable x-ray machine simplify positioning and facilitate bedside studies, while the maintenance-free battery produces up to 50 high-quality exposures with a single charge. Dual drive motors and oversize casters facilitate movement; even in taxing environments. This makes it easily adapted to operating, intensive care, and emergency room applications.

GE AMX 4 Plus Features
28 Amp/Hour Lead Calcium Batteries.
Small diameter HV cables.
L.V. cables.
Control panel decals.
H.S. cord and housing.
Counterweight cables.
Wrap around bumpers.
Upgraded front casters (if needed).
Drive belts.
Hospital grade cord cap.
Bearings where needed.
Reinforced Base
Style spring loaded casters
Collimator dials.
Mechanical assemblies inspected and rebuilt as necessary.
Style cassette draw
Upgraded drive wheels
Upgraded drive motors
Style micro-switches in the drive handle
Style micro-switches in the in the collimator handles
Style knobs and pointers on collimator
Pad added to the bottom of the cassette drawer
Hall effects tube latch assembly
Style relay assembly for tube latch
Proprietary upgrade to rotor board
Proprietary upgrade to the CPU
ESD (Electro Static Discharge) cable added to the base unit
ESD wire added to the top shroud
ESD added to the drive handle
Style PCB interconnect cables with choke installed
Protective wrap added to the top shroud
Proprietary battery charge labeling
Green charge indicator light added
Remote battery charge voltage test terminal block added

Height: 70 inches (177.8 cm) for models 2169360−6, 2236420−6, and 2275938−6, −12, −13, −14, −15
Height: 76 inches (193 cm) for all other models.
Width: 25−3/16 inches (64 cm)
Length: 45−3/8 inches (115.3 cm)
Weight: 1080 pounds (490 kg)